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Kobiki Nokogiri - Japanese Timber Saws

Kobiki Nokogiri and Temagari Nokogiri - Timber Saws

rough ripping of logs

Kobiki-Nokogiri were used in ancient Japan for the rough ripping of logs into boards for carpenters and cabinetmakers. These saws were used by one man, in contrast to Europe, where typically two men used a ripsaw for similar purposes. To properly guide them in very long cuts, the blades of Kobiki-Nokogiri, also known as Maebiki-Nokogiri, were much wider than those of other saws. The saws were roughly made, and at times still showed the smith’s forge marks. Blades were laboriously hand-tapered from teeth to back to prevent jamming.

Unfortunately, these saws gradually disappeared with the advent of the industrial revolution. However, Temagori-Nokogiri, which are very similar to Kobiki, are more readily available, but are not as wide or as stable. They are used mainly to cut standing timber and thick branches. We got some Temagori Nokogiri - specially produced for us. They are nowadays even uncommon in Japan.

Illustration at left:
Japanese sawyers ripping a log into boards.
Henry Lanz, woodcut, ca. 1870,
"Japanese Woodworking Tools - Selection, Care & Use",
Sterling Publishing,Inc. 1985

Temagori Nokogiri Crosscut
mainly for crosscut, for felling trees, with wooden handle. Resawing (ripcut of logs) works quite well with this saw, but not as fast as with a ripcut saw.
Blade Length: 480 mm (19 in.)
Total Length: 790 mm (31 in.)
Width of blade front: 100 mm (4 in.)
Width of blade near shaft: 80 mm (3 in.)
Thickness of blade near teeth: 1.3 mm
Thickness at the back: 0.7 mm
Kerf: 2.6 mm
Pitch front: 8 mm (3 TPI)
Pitch near handle: 5 mm (5 TPI)
Thickness of shaft: 2 mm
Weight: 550 g
Code 309834CartPrice € 129.00
Small Temagori Nokogiri Crosscut
mainly for felling trees and cutting of thick branches, with plastic handle.
Blade Length: 390 mm (15-1/2 in.)
Total Length: 620 mm (24-1/2 in.)
Width of blade front: 55 mm (2-1/4 in.)
Width of blade near shaft: 50 mm (2 in.)
Thickness of blade: 1 mm
Kerf: 1.8 mm
Pitch front: 6 mm (4 TPI)
Pitch near handle: 4.5 mm (5.5 TPI)
Thickness of shaft: 1.5 mm
Code 309426CartPrice € 45.00
AOISORA Nokogiri
With its relatively small blade, only 250 mm long, this Temagori is more of a branch/crosscut saw. The blade is forged, and then from its original thickness of 1.2 mm it was ground down to 0.6 mm at the back. The shaft was not ground and so remains a beefy 1.2 mm. In contrast to many other Japanese saws, here the elaborate brackets to ease installing replacement blades have been omitted because the saw blade, because of its thickness, provides plenty of strength. The holes in the saw blade are designed to aid in chip clearance. These saws come from the Sawsmithy Nokogiri Kobo in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Province, Japan. The name "AOISORA" is a trademark of the smithy and means "blue sky".
The saw comes with an angled tote, or handle, in beech. It is unfinished and features a bamboo winding at the front end of the grip.
Mainly for crosscut!
Blade is resharpenable.

Blade length: 250 mm
Total length: 500 mm
Blade width: 43 mm
Blade thickness: 0.6 mm
Kerf: ca. 1 mm
Pitch: 3 mm / 8.5 TPI
Thickness of shaft: 1.2 mm
Code 309835CartPrice € 99.95

Replacement Blade for AOISORA 250 mm
Fits also the handle of AKAISORA
Code 309836CartPrice € 59.50

Replacement Blade for AKAISORA 300 mm
Fits also the handle of AOISORA
Code 309839CartPrice € 65.00

Please note: Akaisora saw no longer available! We still carry replacement blades.
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