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Klemmsia Clamps

Reasonably priced, light, robust and reliable: appropriate descriptions of Klemmsia clamps which have begun to make a name for themselves. You do not have the bother of trying to screw these clamps tight - the cam lever is all that is needed to exert the necessary pressure. For most gluing work, the pressure exerted is adequate, although it will be less from this design than from heavy all steel or malleable iron clamps.

The advantage of these clamps are realized when one is trying to glue chairs with round or curved sections, as a conventional clamp with padding or such requires ingenuity and even acrobatics to set up; the simplicity and light weight make Klemmsia clamps invaluable for such jobs, as they do not tend to slip off nor require any extras special effort to set up on one’s work piece.


  • Speedy clamp with cam lever
  • pressure can be regulated smoothly
  • no pressure marks
  • cork pads prevent slipping
  • tremendous stability - made of white beech with high-polished galvanised steel rods
  • low intrinsic weight
  • reasonably priced, esp. for wide spans to clamp
Opening Depth CodePrice
200 mm 110 mm
Code 302200CartPrice € 9.60
300 mm 110 mm
Code 302201CartPrice € 10.50
400 mm 110 mm
Code 302202CartPrice € 11.30
600 mm 110 mm
Code 302203CartPrice € 13.30
800 mm 110 mm
Code 302204CartPrice € 15.70
200 mm 150 mm
Code 302205CartPrice € 14.30
200 mm 200 mm
Code 302206CartPrice € 15.30
1000 mm 110 mm
Code 302207CartPrice € 18.90
1200 mm 110 mm
Code 302208CartPrice € 21.90

Repl. Cork Pads, 100 Pieces Size 30 x 23 x 2.5 mm
Code 302223CartPrice € 14.50
Klemmsia Edge Clamp

This edge clamp is useful in conjunction with Klemmsia clamps for gluing or re-gluing edges. It will also stand in if required for the movable end of a clamp
Clamping example

Code 302211CartPrice € 5.70
CORNET Mitre Fittings for clamping picture frames

The CORNET fittings are simply slotted onto the bars of the clamps. The self-adjusting fittings are usable for different sizes of framework and different mitre angles. The joint is not covered during clamping and can be inspected from all sides for careful alignment and adjusting. The price for a pair!
Clamping example

Code 302213CartPrice € 8.50
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