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Hideo Kitaoka VG10 Steel Kitchen Knives

Hideo Kitaoka VG10 Steel Kitchen Knives

Hideo Kitaoka

The new chef’s knives from the experienced knifesmith, Hideo Kitaoka come with a heart of Japanese stainless VG 10 steel, and outer laminates of conventional stainless steel. Besides being stainless, VG 10 steel also has the advantage of a very durable edge, relatively easy sharpening, and a hardness of over 60 HRC.

The grips are made in a brown "Pakkawood",a composite material made out of wooden veneers and a resin, assembled under pressure, which provides for a very stable and long-lived grip. Despite the fact that these knives are stainless and the grip is a very stable water-resistant material these fine knives should NOT be put into a dishwasher. Click on the photos for enlargements.

Take a look into the knife smithy of Hideo Kitaoka and watch him at work (with video).

Sashimi: The Sashimi is used to slice and fillet fish.
It has a blade made of two layers of steel and is beveled only on the right side, and so recommended only for right-handed people.
Cutting steel: VG-10
Blade length 270 mm
Blade thickness 3.2 mm
Comes in paper box
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