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What to do when a grinding wheel is too large?

King Stone

For some reason, the grinding wheels produced by Matsunaga have always been just a little too big in diameter for the Tormek grinder's water tray. What can happen is that once everything is correctly mounted and assembled, the stone will make contact with the side of the tray.

Not an optimal situation. The original stone of the large Tormek is 250 mm in diameter, the SunTiger stone has a diameter of 254 mm. The original stone of the small Tormek is 200 mm in diameter, the SunTiger stone has a diameter of 205 mm.

Why this is so has always been a mystery to us at Fine Tools, but what may have happened is that the first person to think of using a Japanese water stone on a Tormek grinder was American or English, and told the manufacturer "Make me a 10-inch stone." So now we get stones 254 mm in diameter. As I said, I am not sure that this is what happened, but in any case, we just have to live with it.

Sun Tiger

Luckily, there is a five-minute fix for the problem. Nail or glue two strips of wood together as shown in the photo. The exact dimensions are not too important. But if you try 25 x 60 mm for the base and 10 x 50 mm for the face you won’t go wrong. Tuck the assembly into the grinder and then place the water tray on top of it.


The grinder will work just fine with this workaround. And you won’t need it for all that long. With use the stone will wear down to the 250 mm diameter and then you can remove the wooden base and use the tray at its designed level.

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