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This miniature vice in cast iron is designed for work on relatively small items. Very often vises like this are produced in aluminium or sheet metal, but for a firm grip and good work, cast iron is the best material. One horizontal and one vertical v-groove let into the faces allows this vice to solidly hold round objects. Cheek width 45 mm, Jaw opening 50 mm, weight 0.6 kg, Total length closed only 100 mm. Maximum table thickness, 30 mm!
Code 307770CartPrice € 29.00

RABO Aluminium Spirit Levels

are made of strong, rounded hollow section. There is hardly any other supplier of spirit levels that can be reset by the user besides RABO. The bubble sections are exchangeable. RABO guarantees accuracy to 0.057° - which is equivalent to a maximum deviation of 1 mm in 1 m. Made in Germany. Illustrated: the 20 cm long spirit level.

Length CodePrice
20 cm
Code 303088CartPrice € 12.50

Small ECE Jack Plane without Chipbreaker

also called "Boy’s Plane
How to use:
  • First, lay the plane iron into the body of the plane so that the groundside of the cutting edge is facing down and toward the rear of the plane. The iron must not reach past the sole of the plane.
  • Insert the wedge on top of the iron and pressurize the wedge with a light mallet blow.
  • Now use light mallet blows to drive the plane iron gently and slowly downward. While doing this, sight along the sole of the plane to see if the desired depth of cut has been achieved. The depth of cut equals the distance that the cutting edge of the iron extends beyond the sole of the plane. At the same time, make sure that the cutting edge of the iron is parallel to the sole of the plane. If needed, use light mallet blows to set the edges of the iron to achieve parallelism.
  • Once the desired depth of cut and parallelism is attained, fasten the iron by using a well measured, but not too hard, mallet blow to the wedge (not the iron).
  • Choose a depth of cut between 1/10 and 3/10 mm. Do not set the iron for too deep a cut. Very deep cuts require too much force and cause tear outs on the surfaces of the work piece.
  • Use softwood (pine, spruce) without knots.
  • Sharpen the blade from time to time on a flat whetstone.
Length 200 mm
Blade width 39 mm
Code 301094CartPrice € 43.00

Replacement Blade for Small Jack
Code 301095CartPrice € 11.90

Short Chisels from Two Cherries

These chisels are only 165 mm long, including the 75 mm handles. They were designed to be used in small spaces, but their size makes them an ideal fit for a child's hand, too.
Blade width CodePrice
6 mm
Code 303985CartPrice € 15.90
12 mm
Code 303986CartPrice € 15.90
20 mm
Code 303987CartPrice € 17.90
26 mm
Code 303988CartPrice € 19.90
Set of 4
6/12/20/26 mm in paper box
Code 303989CartPrice € 67.50
Travel Knife No. 73

Swedish Carving and Travel Knife Number 73 from Frost

This nice little knife is made of high-carbon steel, and so not stainless. There is a large hand guard, and a relatively small grip, making the knife suitable for people with small hands. Comes with plastic sheath to carry on belt. We advise you to round off the blade tip with a grinding stone before you give this knife to a child. It should be used only under close supervision.
Blade Length 75 mm
Code 307384CartPrice € 21.90
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