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Tools for Children - Hammer

PICARD Cabinetmaker’s Hammer

french pattern. The most common cabinetmaker’s hammer in Germany. The smallest of this professional series is the right size for children.
Head weight 140 g
Face size 15 x 15 mm
Total length 260 mm
Ash handle
Code 302925CartPrice € 11.50

Sakikiri - Hammer with sharp point

This hammer is designed to drive nails.
Head weight 125 g
Total length 30 cm
Code 309741CartPrice € 25.00

Small Mallet with Brass Head

This small brass-headed mallet from Veritas can be used like a normal mallet, or for more control over delicate work, nestled entirely into the hand. The grip receives a final turning and polishing after it is fitted to the brass head, ensuring a perfectly smooth, edgeless fit. This helps it feel more like an extension of one's hand when using it to drive small chisels and woodcarving tools.

Head Diameter 41 mm
Total Length 150 mm
Weight 560 g
Code 307959CartPrice € 29.50
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