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JESSEM Accessories

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JESSEM Clear Cut Stock Guides

JESSEM Clear Cut Stock Guides

JESSEM Clear Cut Stock Guides

JESSEM Clear Cut Stock Guides
JESSEM Clear Cut Stock Guides

The unique guide rollers on the stock guides are mounted on a 5 degree angle effectively steering your stock toward the fence. Your stock is pulled tightly to the fence and the grip force of the urethan rollers holds it securely in position.

With the stock being guided at a slight angle toward the fence it is ciritical they not rotate in the outfeed direction, especially if you are cutting a dodo or other machining with the board. This would feed the stock unwantedly into the cutter. To prevent this and any kick back each roller is fitted with a one way needle roller bearing. This ensure each roller spins in the direction of feed.

The Clear Cut Stock Guides mount to any 1/4 inch T-slot (for example all Incra router fences) The guides have 2-3/4 inch (70 mm) of total adjustment and maximum stock thickness is from the surface of your table to 9/16 inches (14.3 mm) below the center of the of the mounting T-Slot.

The Clear Cut Stock Guides are CNC machined from solid aluminium and the roller from cold rolled steel and case hardened for durability. the adjustment knobs are of stainless steel, the rollers wear resistant acetol resin which also has a low coefficient of friction. The traction tires are molded out of urethane for long life and superior grip on your stock.

Set up is fast and easy. The Clear Cut Stock Guides are locked in their positon along the fence with a single twist of the pivot knob and the height setting is controlled with the tightening of the clamping knob.

There is no need to struggle holding long boards tight to your fence. The guides pull your stock securely into position. Just feed your work into the stock guides and they pull your stock into the fence while you hold onto the other end.

You can have complete control even when routing wide boards or large panels, the dual action of the guides will pull your work tight to the fence. You will achieve safer, smoother, more precise cuts as your work is always held in position.

Protection guard NOT included!

Included: 1 infeed roller, 1 outfeed roller, 1 allen key 6.35 mm (1/4 inch).

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JESSEM Mounting Kit for Clear Cut Stock Guides

Mounting example:
Mounting example
JESSEM Mounting Kit for Clear Cut Stock Guides

This mounting kit is for shop made wooden router fences.

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JESSEM Bit Guard (Protector Guard)

Height adjustable, made of Acrylic. Suitable for all router table fences with T-Slot that takes the hex head or the nut of a 1/4 inch screw. When used with the INCRA router fence you need to place a few washers between the knurled screw and the acrylic guard.

Length 108 mm
Depth 57 mm
Material thickness 5 mm

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