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INCRA Flip Fence

INCRA Flip Fence

The INCRA Flip Fence is designed to give you outstanding fence performance and rigidity. Manufactured by Incra from aircraft grade aluminum extrusions, this fence profile is designed to coordinate perfectly with the INCRA Incremental Flip Shop Stop shown at the bottom of this page

INCRA Track with Shop StopThe key for precision is INCRA's patented sawtooth racks (picture left) which position your work instantly and automatically in EXACT 1 mm steps with true machine shop precision without measuring. It's also micro adjustable to fine-tune your position anywhere between fixed steps.

INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence

INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence
INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence
Upgrade any INCRA Miter Gauge with this Fence! T-slot on face accommodates shop-made wooden sub fences. The INCRA Telescoping Flip Fences are available in 457 - 787 mm, 686 - 1244 mm, and 914 - 1625 mm lengths.

The INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence is equipped with Incra's patented incremental rack system for outstanding stop positioning accuracy and 0.02 mm repeatability when used with the INCRA Flip Shop Stop to give your jigs, fixtures, and fence system cutting precision not available anywhere else.

Compatibility: Flip Fences can be used with any INCRA Miter Gauge and the Flip Shop Stop. Flip Fences are NOT compatible with the standard Shop Stop.
Note: To operate this flip fence you need a 3/16 inch allen key, available here.

INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence
457 - 787 mm

Code 314940CartPrice € 55.00

INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence
686 - 1244 mm

Code 314941CartPrice € 63.00

INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence
914 - 1625 mm

Code 314942CartPrice € 79.00
INCRA Incremental Flip Shop Stop
INCRA Incremental Flip Shop Stop Metric
Designed for the IncraLOCK Flip Fence or the extending IncraLOCK Flip Fence SE, this stop gives you the most options and best performance of any stop on the market. With multiple stop rods included and Dual-Arm construction, there is no situation it can't handle.

Incra designed interlocking grooves in the arms and fence so that a sharply mitered workpiece can't slip behind the stop to give you an inaccurate cut. If you need a sacrificial fence for a particular job, just attach it to the Flip Fence like you normally would, and then adjust the body of the Flip Fence to match. It expands perfectly to work with all normal depth sacrificial fences. Stiff and strong, this tool is made from hardened aluminum and red anodized for long lasting finish. The arms have adjustable tension the expandable body is combined with the patented Incra rack precision postioning system.

Compatibility: The Flip Shop Stop works great with all INCRA Flip Fences. It is NOT compatible with standard IncraLOCK Cut-off Miter Gauge Fences, INCRA Track Systems, or INCRA Router Fences.
Note: To operate the flip shop stop you need a 3/16 inch allen key, available here.
Code 314866CartPrice € 49.90

INCRA Flip Shop Stop shown with both arms down and one of the included steel rods.

Flip Shop Stop one arm up, one down. Shown with included short steel rods.

Interlocking grooves in the fence and stop ensure even the sharp edge of mitered work will not push behind the stop. Accuracy is guaranteed.

Flip Shop Stop both arms up!

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