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INCRA Accessories

INCRA Shop Stop
The INCRA ShopStop is INCRA's most versatile stop. The vertical stop bar is adjustable up and down, it can be reversed, and it has a screw-based micro adjust. The Shop Stop is also expandable - the top section can be slid into a second channel on the base section to make the interior wide enough to span an INCRA fence and a wooden sub fence of up to 3/4 inch.
INCRA's patented positioning mechanics make it deadly accurate and completely repeatable.

Compatibility: The Shop Stop works with all INCRA Router Fences that are equipped with 1 mm incremental racks, INCRA Track Systems, and standard, "non-Flip" IncraLOCK Cut-off Miter Gauge Fences. It is NOT compatible with Flip Fences for INCRA Miter Gauges.
On the picture you see the imperial version with black rack, we supply the metric version with red rack! Metric racks can also be be purchased separately.
Code 314860CartPrice € 37.90
INCRA Shop Stop Parts
Shop Stop Extender with Fasteners
Only Part 5 (the bracket) on picture
Code 314864CartPrice € 4.50
INCRA Jumbo Right Angle Fixture
INCRA Jumbo Right Angle Fixture
INCRA Jumbo Right Angle Fixture
The INCRA Jumbo Right Angle Fixture is used to hold your workpiece perpendicular to the table surface during end grain cutting operations.

The Right Angle Fixture is used in conjunction with an INCRA router fence to keep boards square to the fence and square to the table when routing box joints or dovetails into a board's end grain.

The 10"-wide faceplate of the Jumbo Right Angle Fixture is an update of the original 6" version. A generous supply of T-slots on the face plate allows you to mount sacrificial zero-clearance backing boards and other custom fixtures.

There are two adjustment screws where the fixture rides the fence to control side-to-side movement, and a third screw holds the fixture snug against the fence as it's being loaded. The wooden runners are gentle on your router bits in the event of contact, and they're easily replaceable when necessary.
Compatible with all INCRA aluminum router fences.
Code 314862CartPrice € 43.90
INCRA Master Reference Guide
INCRA Master Reference Guide and Template Library with Metric Addendum

Written by INCRA expert Perry McDaniel, this guide contains clear, step-by-step instructions for making Box Joints, Half Blind and Through Dovetails, and INCRA's trademark Double and Double-Double Joints. The included Metric Template Library contains 26 multi-colored templates for making every equally and variably spaced joint imaginable.
Note: already included in all LS Positioners!
Code 314863CartPrice € 28.90
INCRA Incremental Flip Shop Stop
INCRA Incremental Flip Shop Stop Metric
Designed for the IncraLOCK Flip Fence or the extending IncraLOCK Flip Fence SE, this stop gives you the most options and best performance of any stop on the market. With multiple stop rods included and Dual-Arm construction, there is no situation it can't handle.

Incra designed interlocking grooves in the arms and fence so that a sharply mitered workpiece can't slip behind the stop to give you an inaccurate cut. If you need a sacrificial fence for a particular job, just attach it to the Flip Fence like you normally would, and then adjust the body of the Flip Fence to match. It expands perfectly to work with all normal depth sacrificial fences. Stiff and strong, this tool is made from hardened aluminum and red anodized for long lasting finish. The arms have adjustable tension the expandable body is combined with the patented Incra rack precision postioning system.

Compatibility: The Flip Shop Stop works great with all INCRA Flip Fences. It is NOT compatible with standard IncraLOCK Cut-off Miter Gauge Fences, INCRA Track Systems, or INCRA Router Fences.
Note: To operate the flip shop stop you need a 3/16 inch allen key, available here.
Code 314866CartPrice € 49.90

INCRA Flip Shop Stop shown with both arms down and one of the included steel rods.

Flip Shop Stop one arm up, one down. Shown with included short steel rods.

Interlocking grooves in the fence and stop ensure even the sharp edge of mitered work will not push behind the stop. Accuracy is guaranteed.

Flip Shop Stop both arms up!

INCRA pro-II Joinerey Fence METRIC
INCRA pro-II Joinerey Fence METRIC
Incremental racks are installed on the rear of the fence for complete compatibility with the Incra ShopStop and Incra Stop, and the fence directly accepts the Jumbo Right Angle fixture. A heavy duty 13 inch (330 mm) stop extender bar telescopes from either end of the fence to stop cuts on longer boards. If you own a TS System and you want to move your routing operations to a stand-alone router table, an LS positioner and a Pro-II fence will allow you to transfer all of your existing routing accessories.
Length of fence 713 mm

Notes: Jumbo Right Angle Fixture, Shop Stop, LS Positioner NOT included!
The Pro-II Fence is standard equipment on all LS-based Router Systems.
The Pro-II fence is directly compatible with the LS17, LS25, and 12 inch Ultra Lite positioners. Does NOT fit the Ultra 16 inch & Ultra 24 inch positioners.

Code 314782CartPrice € 57.00
INCRA Fence Mounting Bracket
INCRA Fence Mounting Bracket
152 mm long
Wide arm 152 x 38 mm
Slim arm 152 x 19 mm
Code 314517CartPrice € 15.90
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