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Thermometer, Hygrometer

Thermometer, Hygrometer

Hygrometers provide a much more accurate measure of the humidity in your workshop than one can get from trying to estimate the humidity “by feel.” Hygrometers can provide warning of potential problems before they happen, such as rusty tools and excessive warping in wooden objects like workbenches or your latest fine furniture project. When one is planning a workshop, a hygrometer can give you important information about what will be needed to optimize the space and give notice that it might not be at all suitable. We offer combination instruments that also display temperature. Both measures are important, as the amount of tolerable humidity depends on the temperature. More on this! In any case it is a vital piece of equipment for anyone interested in doing fine work.

Accuracy and Tolerances: Spiral hygrometers have a metal spiral that expands or contracts as the humidity in the air changes, moving a hand on the gauge's face. Inside spiral hygrometer. These are the least expensive and least accurate instruments, and normally cannot be re-calibrated. Hair hygrometers use the expansion and contraction of a hair, formerly a woman's hair, now an artificial filament or fiber, to measure humidity in a similar but more accurate way compared to the spiral hygrometers. The humidity is also shown by a hand on the gauge's face. Inside hair hygrometer. Hair hygrometers are more exact and more expensive, and can also be re-calibrated. With humidities under 30% - 35% both types of mechanical hygrometers encounter technical limits to their accuracy. When it would be useful to have reliable readings under these limits, an electronic hygrometer is the only choice. They also provide more accurate readings over the entire humidity range than the mechanical types can. Good electronic hygrometers measure capacitance, meaning that the humidity is measured through the changes in electrical characteristics of a condenser.

If you would simply like to be able to head off problems resulting from too much humidity in your shop, or anywhere else for that matter, then the mechanical instruments will be more than adequate. But as so often is the case, better accuracy comes only at a higher price!

SHINWA Thermometer and Hygrometer Set These handy, easy-to-read instruments with a diameter of 48 mm represent a minor investment that will pay off for ever. It’s a simple way to monitor both room temperature and air humidity - indispensable in any workshop, office or home. The value range that is comfortable for people is marked on the thermometer by a red bar, on the hygrometer by a green bar. Both instruments can be hung on a nail in the wall or attached to any smooth, dry surface using the adhesive pads supplied. The housing is made of plastic, the dial of sheet metal, the pointer of aluminium.

Measurement range hygrometer: 0 % to 100 % humidity
Means of measurement: spiral
Accuracy according to the manufacturer:
At humidity 35 % to 75 %: ±5 %
At other values: ±10 %
Graduation: 2 %

Measurement range thermometer: -30 °C to +70 °C
Accuracy according to the manufacturer:
At -20 °C to +40 °C: ±2 °C
At other values: ±4 °C
Graduation: 2 °C
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SHINWA Wall Hygrometer - Humidity/Temperature Gauge The dial has a diameter of 150 mm (6 inches), and so is big enough not to be missed or ignored if it is placed as it should be: where your glance first falls when you enter the woodshop. The hygrometer can give you a warning of increasing humidity and all the problems this can bring, like rusty tools and too much expansion and contraction in the joints of expensive work benches and other furniture in the shop. The green strip indicates the comfort zone for humans. The small scale near the bottom indicates the temperature on the Celsius scale - itself a good thing to have in the workshop, when estimating open times for glues and resins, for instance. In any case, it is important to know both figures, as the level of tolerable humidity depends on the temperature. Plastic housing, for hanging on the wall, cannot be re-calibrated!
Installation Directions

Measurement range hygrometer 0 to 100 %
Means of measurement: Spiral
Accuracy according to the manufacturer:
Humidity under 35 %: ±10 %
Humidity from 35 to 75 %: ±5 %
Humidity over 75 %: ±10 %

Measurement range thermometer: -30 to +50°
Accuracy according to the manufacturer:
Under -20° C: ±4°
-20° C to +40° C: ±2°
Over +40° C: ±4°
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LUFFT Climate Meter
LUFFT Climate Meter The LUFFT climate meter also features a 150 mm face. It has a clean, classic design for fast, easy, and accurate readings. It uses a Durotherm filament to measure humidity, which is more accurate and more stable than the human hairs previously used. The big dial shows the humidity, the smaller the temperature. The red hand on the dial can be turned by hand to set an upper warning limit, or to monitor changes over short periods. The LUFFT Climate Station can be calibrated using a screw on the side of the housing, which is in plastic. There is also a table stand available. Made in Germany.

Measurement range hygrometer 0 to 100 %
Means of measurement: Durotherm-artificial fiber
Accuracy according to the manufacturer:
Humidity under 35 %: no info
Humidity from 35 to 95 %: ±3 %
Humidity over 95 %: no info

Measurement range thermometer: -10 to +50°
Accuracy according to the manufacturer:
Under 0° C: no info
0° C to +40° C: ±1°
Over +40° C: no info
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Table Stand for LUFFT Climate Meter
Table Stand for LUFFT Climate Meter Picture with Climate Meter
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SHINWA Thermometer with Sensor

This thermometer in a stainless steel housing has a 195 mm long sensor and a wide application range thanks to its large measurement range. You can use it to measure the temperature of liquids as well as the temperature of food in the oven. Large numerals make it easy to read. Click on the image to bring the sensor into view

Measurement range 0 - 200 °C
Housing diameter 80 mm
Sensor length 195 mm
Sensor diameter 8 mm
Total length 210 mm
Graduation 5 °C
Accuracy ±5 °C

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