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Veneer Hammer, Toolmaker’s Hammer

Veneer Hammer, Toolmaker’s Hammer

PICARD Veneer Hammer   PICARD Veneer Hammer

Rumored to have gone the way of the dinosaurs, the veneer hammer is in fact still with us. Formerly no cabinet maker’s shop could be found without one, but today they are hard to come by. This is a mistake, as for certain jobs, reaming out corners, for instance, or regluing veneers while restoring antique furniture, the hammer will save a lot of time and effort. And this one is a very fine tool from the very fine tool smithy Picard. More ...

Weight 500 g

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STARRETT Toolmakers’ Hammer with built-in magnifying lens

This is a very practical tool that is just as much at home on a toolmaker's bench or a businessman's desk. Faster, easier, and more accurate spotting and punching of centerlines and intersections is now possible with the Starrett hammer for toolmakers. More ...

Weight 113 g
Length 176 mm

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