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Keyhole Saw, Grooving Saw

Keyhole Saw, Grooving Saw

ECE Keyhole Saw
Keyhole saws are used to make narrow curves or to enlarge holes or give them the wished form which are made with a drill bit. Strong type with coarse teeth!
Beachwwod handle
Blade length 300 mm
Blade thickness 1.2 mm
Kerf 1.9 mm
Pitch 4 mm/6 TPI
Code 301172CartPrice € 10.90
ECE Grooving saw
for grooves, teeth are on the pull stroke. The teeth of this saw are set.
Blade length 150 mm
Blade thickness 0.7 mm
Kerf 1.2 mm
Depth of cut: adjustable 6 - 18 mm
Pitch 4 mm/6 TPI
Code 301190CartPrice € 45.00
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