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Flexcut Interchangeable Palm Tools Individual

Flexcut Interchangeable Palm Tools Individual

Palm tools are a good starting point for small projects such as caricatures, walking sticks or tableware. They are shorter in length, offering better control since the cutting edge is closer to the controlling hand. They are available in very small sizes for carving details proportional to the work.

Flexcut Interchangeable Palm Tools Individual
These compact tools are great for traveling. Designed in conjunction with the QC (quick connect) handles, they can be used by hand or with any number of reciprocating power carvers. The 3 handle options allow them to be used for small details or light mallet work for roughing out.

Handle Options

Flexcut Quick Connect Palm Handle
2 inch Ash handle. Its shorter length allows close work for detailing. Fits any unhandled palm tool.
Length 52 mm
Oval diameter 34 x 27 mm
Code 320582CartPrice € 13.90
Flexcut Quick Connect ABS Handle
3 inch ABS plastic Quick Connect handle is mid sized for a wide variety of uses. Fits any unhandled palm tool.
Length 80 mm
Oval diameter 34 x 23 mm
Code 320581CartPrice € 13.90
Flexcut Quick Connect Power Handle
4-1/2 inch Ash handle has the same ease of inserting and removing the tool as the other Quick Connect handles. Its added length allows for greater power for larger tools. Fits any unhandled palm tool.
Length 115 mm
Oval diameter 32 x 25 mm
Code 320580CartPrice € 14.50

Interchangeable Tools individual without Handle

Interchangeable Tools Individual without Blade
On the pictures left you see the sweeps. The cuts you see are just for orientation, the tools are a bit smaller. Please have a look to the given measurements.

These carving tools are with shank 102 mm long, 76 mm remains visible when inserted in handle.
Sweep 5
Sweep 5 without handle

Sweep 5 width 2.5 mm
Code 320617CartPrice € 14.90

Sweep 5 width 3 mm
Code 320618CartPrice € 14.90

Sweep 5 width 14 mm
Code 320619CartPrice € 14.90

Sweep 5 width 28 mm
Code 320620CartPrice € 16.50
Sweep 9
Sweep 9 without handle

Sweep 9 width 1 mm
Code 320630CartPrice € 14.90

Sweep 9 width 1.5 mm
Code 320631CartPrice € 15.90

Sweep 9 width 14 mm
Code 320632CartPrice € 16.90
Sweep 11
Sweep 11 without handle

Sweep 11 width 2 mm
Code 320633CartPrice € 14.90

Sweep 11 width 3 mm
Code 320634CartPrice € 14.90

Sweep 11 width 5 mm
Code 320635CartPrice € 15.90

Sweep 11 width 7 mm
Code 320636CartPrice € 14.90
Sweep 11X
Thumbnail Gouge Sweep 11X without andle

Sweep 11X width 5 mm
Code 320640CartPrice € 15.90

Sweep 11X width 8 mm
Code 320641CartPrice € 16.90

Sweep 11X width 10 mm
Code 320642CartPrice € 16.90

Sweep 11X width 12 mm
Code 320643CartPrice € 17.90
Parting Tool 30°
Parting Tool 30° without handle

Parting Tool 30° width 4 mm
Code 320650CartPrice € 16.90
Parting Tool 45°
Parting Tool 45° without handle

Parting Tool 45° width 1 mm
Code 320651CartPrice € 15.90

Geissfuss 45° width 4 mm
Code 320652CartPrice € 15.90
Parting Tool 60° Soft-V
Parting Tool 60° Soft-V without handle

Parting Tool 60° Soft-V width 12 mm
Code 320654CartPrice € 17.90
Parting Tool 70°
Parting Tool 70° without handle

Parting Tool 70° width 3 mm
Code 320655CartPrice € 15.90

Parting Tool 70° width 6 mm
Code 320656CartPrice € 14.90

Parting Tool 70° width 9 mm
Code 320657CartPrice € 14.90
Parting Tool 90°
Parting Tool 90° without handle

Parting Tool 90° width 15 mm
Code 320659CartPrice € 16.90
Lettering V-Tool 110°
Lettering V-Tool 110° without handle

Lettering V-Tool 110° width 25 mm
Code 320660CartPrice € 17.90
Macaroni Tool
Macaroni Tool without handle

Macaroni Tool width 11 mm
Code 320661CartPrice € 16.90
Back Bent Gouges

Back-bent gouges are used for carving convex surfaces without as many tool marks as a flat chisel or shallow gouge would leave. This creates a much smoother finish for sanding and clean-up. A good example is a ball and claw chair leg. Sweeps are not given, please orientate yourself at the sketches.
Back Bent Gouge 22 mm without handle
Back Bent Gouge 22 mm without handle
Code 320671CartPrice € 16.90
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