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Flexcut Accessories

Flexcut Accessories

In 1992 Flexcut began manufacturing a new breed of wood carving tools to address the needs of the modern hobbyist and professional. Carving tool design had not changed much since the industrial revolution, although the people practicing woodcarving did. Designed with an intimate knowledge of woodcarving itself, this new innovation has grown in popularity and variety.

Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound
Flexcut Gold polishing compound has been specially formulated to apply to the strop like a crayon. Its blend of aluminum and titanium oxide abrasives provides a balance between aggressive removal of hardened tool steels and offers a high-color polish.
Code 320571CartPrice € 8.90
Flexcut SlipStrop
An economical way of maintaining your tool's razor edge. It has been specially molded to allow for polishing and deburring the hard-to-reach areas on the inside of the V-tools and gouges as well as the outside edge bevel. Includes a small bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound and detailed instructions.
Size 103 x 84 x 20 mm
Code 320570CartPrice € 15.90
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