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Electronic Pliers

Electronic Pliers

Electronics Pliers can be very useful outside electronics work. Designed for precise cutting, they are well-adapted for many kinds of fine work, especially when dealing with tight corners and small pieces.

With these EREM-Electronics pliers, the Swiss heritage of fine machine work shines though. These pliers are not forged. The raw material is punched out and then processed without further deformation. They might even be the best pliers obtainable today.

The most important characteristics are:
• The cutting edges are induction hardened to 63 - 65 HRC and so have an unusually long useful working life. With carbide-tipped side cutters, you are normally find an edge hardness of 76 HRC, for example.
• The pliers feature a durable hidden spring to hold the pliers, and so the grips open, which provides for very comfortable work. This spring, rated to more than 1 million closing cycles offers a constant tension well-geared to intricate work.
• A stop prevents the head of the pliers from opening farther than is needed for work, between 5 mm and 9 mm, depending on the type of pliers. This prevents premature fatigue and cramping in the hand.
• A high-precision screw adjustment system in the hinge mechanism allows you to adjust the pliers to remain play-free throughout their working life and keeps the cut or grip from falling out of alignment.
• The grips are covered with a soft red foam material, and this adds to the feel of quality, control, and working comfort.

EREM Tungsten Carbide Long Nose Cutter for Electronics Underside not recessed
Extremely hard cutters 76 HRC
Suitable for piano wire
Total length 115 mm
Blade length 11 mm
Head diameter 11 mm
Opening limit at the tips 5 mm
Cutting power:
• Wires up to 19 HRC 1.0 mm
• Wires up to 40 HRC 0.3 mm
• Wires up to 48 HRC 0.2 mm
• Wires up to 52 HRC 0.1 mm
Code 322009CartPrice € 195.00
EREM Needle Nose half-round Pliers for Electronics
Tips not grooved on the inside

Total length 146 mm
Length of jaws 33.5 mm
Head diameter 11 mm
Jaw width at tips 1.2 mm
Max. jaw width 6 mm
Opening limit at the tips 9 mm
Code 322020CartPrice € 63.90
EREM Flat-nose Pliers for Electronics
Jaws with precisely machined Edges

Total length 146 mm
Length of jaws 33.5 mm
Head diameter 11 mm
Jaw width at tips 3.4 mm
Max. jaw width 5 mm
Opening limit at the tips 8 mm
Code 322022CartPrice € 63.90
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