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Veritas Custom Bench Planes

Veritas Custom Bench Planes

Veritas Custom Bench Planes

A new concept in plane design, these bench planes can be customized to fit the work you do and the way you do it. You choose the frog angle, the blade material, and even the size and style of the knob and tote – allowing a level of personalization previously limited to handmade planes.

Each part of the plane is machined in the Veritas shop for accuracy and fit, ensuring that the plane functions as a unified whole no matter which parts you choose. For each plane, we have recommended a configuration that best suits the work it is typically used for so you can get planing right away. You can also customize the planes with alternative parts and accessories to suit your particular needs.

The custom planes use maple for handles and knobs which has been torrefied. The hard maple is kiln-baked at a high temperature to eliminate nearly all moisture content and caramelize the natural sugars in the wood. A change in air humidity will have a negligible effect, if any, on the volume of wood that has been torrefied. As a result it is dimensionally stable and ideal for wooden handles.

Quick Start Guide (PDF, short)

Instructions (PDF, long)

Veritas Custom Bench Plane No. 4 - Introduction by our colleague Anthony

movable toe plate
The movable toe plate allows quick mouth adjustments – loosening the front knob lets you close the mouth to a narrow slit for fine shavings and minimum tear-out or open it for heavier cuts.
cap iron
The cap iron registers on and attaches to a low-profile blade carrier attached to the blade, which allows you to easily restore the cap iron to the same position after removal for blade sharpening.
stop screw
A stop screw in the throat retains mouth settings and prevents accidental contact with the blade.
Norris-style combined feed and lateral adjustment
The planes have a Norris-style combined feed and lateral adjustment mechanism for easy and accurate blade setting. Two set screws register the blade in the throat.
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