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Chisel Edge Guard

Chisel Edge Guards

Chisel Edge Guards

The cutting edges of chisels are delicate and can easily be damaged by, or damage, other tools that they come in contact with during storage and transport. If the edges become damaged, it will take time to sharpen and hone the blade to the point that it can be used again. Most chisels are delivered with edge guard caps, but these can be easily lost. So we offer here a full selection of plastic edge guard caps. Price is per guard!

Important: Care must be taken to ensure the chisels are dry when put into plastic caps. Water can be trapped between the plastic and the chisel, and will corrode the blade. This is especially important with high-carbon steel blades.

These caps will fit other western chisels too. They work well enough aside from mortise chisels and some of the lines of firmer chisels.
Chisel NOT included!

Edge Guard Size CodePrice
2 - 8 mm
Code 308492CartPrice € 0.25
10 - 14 mm
Code 308493CartPrice € 0.25
15 - 20 mm
Code 308494CartPrice € 0.25
22 - 26 mm
Code 308495CartPrice € 0.25
28 - 32 mm
Code 308496CartPrice € 0.30
35 mm
Code 308497CartPrice € 0.30
38 - 40 mm
Code 308498CartPrice € 0.30
Set of 10 silicone chisel guards

An attractive feature of these chisel guards, made of soft silicone, is that they will change their shape to fit any chisel blade. As such they are not only suited for standard western chisels but also for mortise chisels and Japanese blades. In secure contact with the blade over a length of 40 mm, the guard cannot drop off or be accidentally pulled off. The set consists of two guards each for chisels 3 to 6 mm, 8 to 13 mm, 14 to 20 mm, 22 to 26 mm and 28 to 32 mm wide.

Applies to all chisel guards including these: chisels must be completely dry before they are stored in these silicone guards. Otherwise they will rust.
Chisel NOT included!

Code 300094CartPrice € 7.90
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