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Body Clamps

Body Clamps

Body clamps allow quick and accurate clamping of carcasses and frameworks.

JUUMA Body Clamps JUUMA body clamps are extremely sturdy and very well made. The robust and wide profiled rail is made from galvanized steel and is very warp resistant. The large clamping surface of 95 mm by 48 mm allows for easy clamping without the need of clamping pads. The clamp head is easily removed and reversed for spreading purposes. Two movable pressure caps prevent direct contact of the work piece with the rail. The clamping surfaces are glue repellent and oil resistant. The ergonomic, two-component handle ensures easy and comfortable working.

The clamp head moves smoothly and easily: press the handle towards the rail to closing and pull it for opening.
  • Clamping depth 95 mm
  • Rail cross section 30 x 9 mm
  • Clamping surface 92 x 48 mm
  • Can be converted to spreading function
  • Clamping force 700 kgF (6800 n)
Opening Total length Weight CodePrice
600 mm 760 mm 2800 g
Code 330361CartPrice € 39.95
800 mm 960 mm 3200 g
Code 330362CartPrice € 43.95
1000 mm 1160 mm 3500 g
Code 330363CartPrice € 49.95
1250 mm 1410 mm 4000 g
Code 330364CartPrice € 57.90
1500 mm 1660 mm 4500 g
Code 330365CartPrice € 65.90
Framing Set for JUUMA body clamps This framing set makes clamping square workpieces easy by holding your body clamps in position while you apply pressure. Made of plastic. Set contains four brackets.
Code 300091CartPrice € 9.95

Picture left: 4 body clamps with framing set.
  • Clamping force up to 8,000 N
  • Very large parallel clamping surface
  • With 3 pressure caps to protect delicate surfaces
  • Can be converted to spreading function with no need for tools
  • High-quality 2-component plastic handle
  • Rail cross section 29 x 9 mm

Opening Clamping
Bessey code CodePrice
1000 mm 95 mm KREV100-2K
Code 317435CartPrice € 87.00
1500 mm 95 mm KREV150-2K
Code 317436CartPrice € 109.00

BESSEY Framing Set KP for BESSEY body clamps Make your own framing system with this framing set. Set consists of 4 pieces. Lightweight and easy to assemble.
Bessey code KP
Code 317450CartPrice € 29.50
BESSEY Tilting Body Clamp Adapter KR-AS for BESSEY body clamps This adapter has a tilt range of -15° to +15° for clamping on sloping and parallel surfaces. Come as pair.
Bessey code KR-AS
Code 317451CartPrice € 13.90
BESSEY Extension KBX for BESSEY body clamps
BESSEY Extension KBX for BESSEY body clamps Connect BESSEY Body clamps to increase the clamping capacity. The connector is made of robust aluminum.
Bessey code KBX20
Currently not in stock!
Code 317452Cart Price € 19.50
BESSEY TK6 Table Clamp
BESSEY TK6 Table Clamp This table clamp is used to mount Bessey body clamps securely on tabletops. The round bolt is simply pushed through the hole in one of the pressure caps on the rail.
Bar length 43 mm
Bar diameter 8 mm
Opening 60 mm
Max. table thickness 55 mm
Bessey code TK6
Code 317453CartPrice € 4.50

BESSEY TK6 Table Clamp
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