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The bench axe is to a woodworker as a drawknife is to a chairmaker. This style of axe is most useful for roughing cuts of convex and flat shapes; however, the "bearded" design lets you safely grip directly behind the blade for more controlled paring cuts. The 100 mm (4 inch) wide PM-V11 blade is bevelled on one side only to promote straight cuts and can be removed quickly from the handle for sharpening. The shaped hickory handle allows for multiple grasping points and attaches to the blade with an innovative cast steel mount. The bench axe is available in right- and left-handed configurations with a leather guard to protect the sharp edge and the owner. At 280 mm (11 inch) in length and weighing in at 750 g, this compact axe will earn its keep in almost any shop.

The blade is attached to the handle with a cast clamp. The clamp attaches with 2 screws and wedges securely to the handle to ensure that the blade cannot fly off without warning: it will be obviously loose before it can come off. Periodically check that these screws are tight. Blade requires final honing.

VERITAS Righthander Bench Axe

Weight 750g
Length of cutting edge 100 mm
Blade thickness 4.5 mm
Bevel 30°
Total length 280 mm
Comes with leather guard
View of rear side

Made in Canada.

Code 325185CartPrice € 169.00

VERITAS Lefthander Bench Axe Same as above, for lefthanders
Comes with leather guard too

Reduced from * € 169,00

Reduced from * € 169.00

Code 325186CartPrice € 129.00
Repl. Handle for VERITAS Bench Axe Length 280 mm
Code 325187CartPrice € 17.50
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