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Stabbing Awl

Stabbing Awls

Japanese Stabbing Awl with handle made of white oak. These handy awls are very comfortable in your hand.

Japanese Stabbing Awl Length 95 mm
Code 313005CartPrice € 5.80

Japanese Stabbing Awl Length 125 mm
Code 313006CartPrice € 9.50
MATSUI Scriber Total length 150 mm
Diameter 7.3 mm
Code 323630CartPrice € 23.90
STARRETT Pocket Scriber The handle is of steel, knurled, and nickel plated. The scriber point ist steel, properly hardened and finely tapered so that the location of the point is not obscured. The scriber is held firmly in the handle by a knurled chuck and when not in use can be reversed, telescoped into the handle, and locked by the chuck. The hexagon head prevents rolling.
Length of needle 72 mm
Total length 147 mm
Starrett code 70A
Code 306558CartPrice € 13.90
STARRETT Improved Scriber with 3 Points Scribers are steel, properly tempered and well finished. The points are finely tapered so that the scriber point can be easily seen on the work. The handle, as well as the points, have a knurled grip.

The long bent point is useful for reaching through holes. The length of the scriber with the short point is 225 mm and with the long bent point 300 mm. Points screw into the handle and fit either end. The knurled handle is nickel plated.

Length of bent short point 68 mm
Length of bent large point 166 mm
Length of straight point 77 mm
Length of points measured when screwed in handle
Length of bent pikes 14 mm
Diameter of points 4 mm
Length of handle 75 mm
Diameter of handle 8.2 mm
Starrett code 67A
Code 306562CartPrice € 32.90
STARRETT Prick Punches When precise positioning of a point or an intersection of lines is required, thes are the punches to use. The points are carefully ground to the correct taper, which is sharper than the normal center punch. This allows exact placement of the point, providing sharp impressions. These punches are properly hardened, tempered , and nicely finished. Series 816.

Diameter Length CodePrice
2 mm 100 mm
Code 306512CartPrice € 6.90
3 mm 100 mm
Code 306513CartPrice € 6.90
4 mm 100 mm
Code 306514CartPrice € 6.90
Pocket Scriber with exchangeable Points SHINWA This scriber comes in form of a mechnical pencil with exchangeable points. It can be carried in the pocket without risk of injury. The point can be exchanged by removing the push button.
Length of point 5 mm
Total length 140 mm
Code 311075CartPrice € 12.90

Set of 2 Repl. Points for SHINWA Pocket Scriber
Code 311076CartPrice € 9.90
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