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Aluminium Oxide Lapping Film

Aluminium Oxide Lapping Film

These self-adhesive lapping films consist of a tough 125 micron thick (1/8 mm) polyester film with a uniform coating of aluminum oxide grains. This Lapping film can be used to polish surfaces to a high gloss. Besides tools, many materials such as metals, plastics, rubber, and wood can be effectively ground with these films. Use with oil or water is possible as well as with all commercial sharpening lubricants. We recommend wetting the surface during use, as wet application allows for the creation of smoother surfaces.

Originally, these lapping films were developed for industrial applications in which uniform grain size and uniform coating within narrow tolerances were necessary, for example for when grinding and sharpening in industrial production must be exactly repeatable.

This aluminum oxide lapping film is ideal for use with hand tools up to a hardness of 60 HRC. Afterwards, surfaces can be finished with the alox finishing film. The sheets can be easily cut with scissors and adhered to any suitable flat surface such as plexiglass sheet, glass pane, stone, wood, etc.

What is the difference between Alox Finishing Film and Alox Lapping Film?

In the case of Alox Finishing Film the grit is spread on the bonding agent and then electrostatically righted so that the sharp points of the grit show through the surface. This results in a more aggressive abrasive.

In the case of Alox Lapping Film the grit is contained in the bonding agent and the abrasive action is distinctly less aggressive. This abrasive material is therefore suited for polishing.
Alox Lapping Film Sheet size 230 x 280 mm, with self-adhesive rear side

Alox Lapping Film

P (approx.)
Sheet size Rear side
polyester 125µm
Sheet colour CodePrice
30 μ P 500 230 x 280 mm self-adhesive light green
Code 320880CartPrice € 3.10
100+ items each € 2.20
20 μ P 800 230 x 280 mm self-adhesive white
Code 320881CartPrice € 3.10
100+ items each € 2.20
9 μ P 2000 230 x 280 mm self-adhesive white
Code 320884CartPrice € 3.10
100+ items each € 2.20
3 μ P 6000 230 x 280 mm self-adhesive white
Code 320886CartPrice € 3.10
100+ items each € 2.20
1 μ P 10000 230 x 280 mm self-adhesive blue
Code 320888CartPrice € 3.10
100+ items each € 2.20
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