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HIDEHISA Thinning Shears

The blades of these shears are not laminated (a hard, tool steel forge-welded to a softer iron body), but rather they are made entirely ofHitachi YCS3-Stahl. With traditional Japanese laminated shears, the problem is often that when cutting, the relatively soft iron body of the shears bends under stress and so the blades, however hard and sharp, no longer meet closely enough to provide a proper shearing cut.

HIDEHISA Thinning Shears


But if one makes the entire shears out of the hard "Hagane" steel, they would be too susceptible to breaking, as the "Hagane" steel is relatively brittle. The modern alloy YCS3-Steel makes it possible to harden the blades to HRC 63, but to avoid the brittleness characteristic of high-carbon steels.

It also allows the body of the shears to be engineered more finely, to a total weight of only 128 g. The light weight, and the nicely ergonomic grips help make long, tough jobs, lighter and easier.

These thinning shears are also very well suited to jobs like picking fruit and other long jobs like harvesting wine grapes.

HIDEHISA hand forged shears are manufactured in Sanjo, Niigata Province, Japan by an old, established firm well known for the quality of their wares.

This tool is made of: Hitachi YCS3-Steel
Components Amount in % Characteristics
C (carbon) 1.05 With this quantity of carbon in the alloy, the strength and brittleness of the steel can be controlled for the intended use of the steel.
Si (silicon) 0.35 Silicon makes steel harder, but with more than 0.4 %, it can also make the steel too brittle.
Mn (manganese) 0.80 reduces sulphur, the steel tempers better and becomes tougher. But if more than 1 % is added, the steel can crack during tempering.
P (phosphorus) ≤ 0.030 At low temperatures, phosphorus makes steel brittle, so the less the better.
S (sulphur) ≤ 0.010 Sulphur makes the steel brittle at high temperatures, so the less, the better.
Cr (chrome) 0.40 The addition of small amounts of chrome to the steel preserves the fineness of the grain in the steel, even at high temperatures, and so allows a more even tempering.
Not present in this steel are: NI (nickel), W (wolfram), Mo (molybdenum), V (vanadium), Co (cobalt)
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