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VERITAS Panel Clamp

VERITAS Panel Clamps lock edge-glued boards into position, preventing bowing of the panel as pressure is applied by the screws. The post have serrations to prevent them from backing out of the wooden bars, keeping der panel flat. You can make bars of any length.

VERITAS Panel Clamp

Depending on the thickness and width of the work you most often edge glue, wooden bars may be made from hardwood or softwood lumber, long enough to accomodate your work and the clamp heads.

VERITAS Panel Clamp

Place bars on a flat surface. With the clamp heads at the front end of the bars, set the tail blocks into the bars to accomodate the width of panel you will be gluing. Roll the O-rings up or down so that the jaws clamp at the approximate midpoint of the panel thickness. Apply glue to the component edges, lay them on the bars and drop the mating drilled bar on top. Pressing down firmly on the top bar, tighten the clamps. The upper bar will lock into position as soon as clamping pressure is applied.

Note: As with any bar clamps, strips of plastic or wax paper should seperate the bars from the panel to prevent glue buildup on the bars or accidental bonding.

Multi-panel clamping

An added feature of the Veritas Panel Clamps is its ability to clamp multiples of like panels in a neat, compact stack. To do so, make the rails from 2 x 4's and drill the 3/4 inch holes through the 4 inch dimension. This allows the upper rail of one panel clamp to become the lower rail of the successive panel clamp.

Additional uses

They also can be used as round bench dogs and adjustable bench dogs - or as bar clamp.

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