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Workbench built by Manfred M., Germany

This is Manfred M. in his own words:

"This year I’ve finally managed to complete my workbench project. After several years of mulling over construction plans and materials and choosing vices that would best suit my circumstances, this was the year that it all became reality. Using the constructions plans I found in Woodworking Guide "Benchmark" from Regular Mechanics 11/2004 and in "Robust Bench" by V. Grassel I built this workbench.

For the workbench itself I used 240 x 60 x 2.7 cm laminated beech wood panels, with two sheets on top of each other for the actual worktop. The base frame was made of planed and glued shuttering boards. Because I’m lefthanded and the final position of the bench was a given, I arrived at the solution shown in the top photo (2). I decided on the large front vice (307758), and for a tail vice I chose the Veritas twin-screw vice (307977). For bench dogs and holddowns I decided on the 19 mm system from Veritas. In my estimation I now have a useful workbench for planing and clamping, measuring 186 x 71 cm with a working height of 91 cm. At present I’m busy on a base unit with 8 drawers for storing clamping elements and other accessories close to hand.

The bottom photo (2) shows some of the design details. The vice layout with its crossing spindles underlines the value of your advice to start work only once the vices were physically on site so that exact measurements could be taken!

Many thanks again that you made it your business to provide DIY enthusiasts with such great products."


Photo 1


Photo 2

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