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Workbench built by Rolf-R. S., Oberzent, Germany

Workbench built by Rolf-R. S.
Rolf’s workbench weighs 193 kg. That has to be a record among all the benches we have featured here. The bench took a year and a half to finish, but it was worth the time and effort!

Technical Details:

Wood: Steamed beech (Pollmeier Superior, 335 cm long, 5 cm thick), Shelf 12 mm plywood (beech, peeled veneer)
Glue: Super Ponal 3
Finish: Ardvos Wood Oil from Livos

Face vice: Professional Woodworking Vice Type 52 1/2 from Fine Tools, Berlin
Tail vice: Veritas Twin Screw Vice with longer cheek plates, from Fine Tools, Berlin
Feet: (adjustable feet) 27801-40801 with threaded rod M16 27828-161002 from Fa. Kipp, Sulz:Neckar, Germany
Wood and machine screws: Werkzeug-Fachhandel bzw. Landhandel

Dimensions and weight:

Length overall 2430 mm
Width overall 1075 mm
Height 930 mm (+60 mm if needed)

Bench top 2210 x 935 mm (including tool tray, but without vices)
Bench thickness 74 mm
Front apron 180 x 48 mm (h x d)

Bench dog holes
Drilled out to 3/4 of an inch (19.05 mm)
4 Rows 272 mm apart, holes 200/150 mm apart
All the bench dogs except one are removable

Tool Tray:
Width 152 mm
Deep 82 mm
Bottom slides out

Base footprint 2000 x 935 mm (90.5 % of the bench top’s area)
Rails 96 x 80 mm
Legs 80 x 80 mm
Cross struts 100 x 48 mm (h x d) (parallel to the rails)
Long struts 1820 x 80 x 48 mm (l x h x d)
Shelf area in base 1770 x 670 mm

Face vice
Quick-release mechanism, integrated bench dog
Width 385 mm
Clamp depth 120 mm
Opens to 300 mm
Maximum length of work pieces one can clamp with the face vice and bench dogs 1180 mm
The vice’s back plate is fixed to the bench while the face plate moves.

Tail vice:
Width 935 mm
Clamping depth 84 mm (in front of or between the threaded bars 930 mm)
Opens to 315 mm
Max. length one of workpiece on can clamp on the bench top 2430 mm

Total weight of the work bench including vices 193 kg

Workbench built by Rolf-R. S.
The beech lumber was stored for several months after delivery. The boards were then attempted to be cut on sawhorses with a circular saw. But this did not work as the wood was too thick. Photo left: Gluing up a bench top blank. Ten clamps, one every 20 cm held the glue-up of 49 mm thick boards together.
Workbench built by Rolf-R. S.
First flattening of the raw table surface. At first Rolf had no scrub plane, which increased the amount of work necessary.
Workbench built by Rolf-R. S.
Base: Three long beams tie the legs together. The bench can be dismantled. Screw feet allow the bench to be easily levelled. The base can easily be retightened with bolts.
Workbench built by Rolf-R. S.
The face vice is a carpenter’s vice with wooden cheeks.
Workbench built by Rolf-R. S.
The tail vice is the Veritas Twin Vice with non-racking, full width clamping.
Workbench built by Rolf-R. S.
Clever Idea:
Red paint in the threads signals that the one is close to the end of the threads and one is about to open the vice far enough that it will fall off the bench.
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