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Tormek T-8 wet bench grinder

Improvements over the Tormek T-7:

Tormek T-8 maximises precision thanks to the revolutionary solid-cast housing which guarantees minimal play on the universal support. This provides optimal sharpening conditions. Tormek's unique drive system is efficient and manages to hold a constant speed, even under full load. The Tormek original grindstones sharpen all qualities of steel, including HSS. The machine features a number of sophisticated details, such as instant stone locking with EzyLock, a water trough with lift and a removable magnet scraper for efficient cleansing.

Tormek Model T-8

On the new T-8 model Tormek has integrated the previous mounted sleeves for the universal support into the solid-cast housing. That guarantees minimal play on the universal support – an innovation that improves sharpening control and increases the accuracy of the final results.

Tormek Model T-8

The advanced water trough has been further improved with a screw lift for easier fitting and a magnetic scraper for efficient cleansing. The removable scraper incorporates a strong magnet that attracts the steel grindings of sharpened tools. This keeps your stone clean and cutting more freely. These small steel particles would otherwise be pressed into the stone surface where they can adversely affect the sharpening process. You'll find that most of the steel grindings adhering to the magnet when you clean the water trough. When you remove the scraper, the magnet will release the steel particles and you can easily clean the trough.

Tormek Model T-8

With an updated design and several upgraded details, the T-8 gives you the best conditions possible for a successful sharpening process with top results.

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