Japanese Waterstones: NANIWA CHOSERA round

Japanese Waterstones: NANIWA CHOSERA round

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With its "CHOSERA" brand Naniwa offers a high-tech line of sharpening stones. The Chosera stones are markedly harder than the Superstones from the same manufacturer. Naniwa designed these stones for professional woodworkers and carvers, who put the highest daily demands on their tools. Overall, these stones are best for those who don't have a lot of time to spend and need to quickly and cleanly sharpen their tools.

Die runden Chosera Schleifsteine bieten eine erheblich größere Schleiffläche als die rechteckigen Standardgrößen. Während ein rechteckiger Chosera eine Schleiffläche von 147 cm2 aufweist, bringt es der runde Stein auf 380 cm2. Insbesondere bei großen Messern ist dieses Steinformat unschlagbar.

IMPORTANT NOTE on storage and lubrication: Chosera sharpening stones are bound with magnesium and so have more cutting particles per unit of surface than resin-bound stones. But magnesium-bound stones are much more sensitive to prolonged exposure to water as other types of stones. So Chosera stones should NOT be left to soak in water for prolonged periods and must be stored dry. If this advice is not followed the stones can develop hairline cracks or the binding material can be leached out of the stone. It is more than enough to pour a little water on the surface or briefly dip the stones in water, they do not need to be soaked. If you are not sure that you can keep this always in mind, perhaps because you have a number of different kinds of sharpening stones, it may be better to opt for the more tolerant Super Stones.

Chosera round Grain Size 1000
Sharpening Stone Grain Size 1000
Serie Chosera round
for fast and fine sharpening
Size: 220 mm x 27 mm
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Rubber Holder for round Chosera Stones
Rubber Holder with round Chosera Stones
Rubber Holder
for round Chosera Stones
Highly recommended!
In diesem rutschfesten Schleifsteinhalter finden Ihre wertvollen Chosera-Schleifsteine sicheren Halt und Schutz vor Bruch. Durch ihre Form als flache Scheibe sind diese Schleifsteine einer höheren Bruchgefahr ausgesetzt als ihre kompakten rechteckigen Pendants. Nicht nur während des Schärfens sondern auch bei der Lagerung tut dieser Schärfsteinhalter gute Dienste.
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