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Miter Saw Guides, Multi-Angle Saw Guides

The Saw Guide is an auxiliary tool to facilitate the accurate use of handsaws in woodwork. With the help of a Saw Guide, accurate use of a hand saw is as easy as the use of scissors or a knife to cut paper. You may think that sawing straight is very difficult and that only professionals can do it, but if you used one of these Saw Guides, you could make cuts just as precise as professional carpenters and cabinetmakers do. With this guide, you could easily saw straight cuts to make anything from a picture frame to practical and useful furniture of your own.

Precision Saw Guide
Precision Saw Guide
This saw guide is fully adjustable from 0° - 45° in both directions, and therefore suited for assembling, framing and dovetailing. To use in connection with Japanese Kataba saws of blade thickness from 0.4 to 0.6 mm

Note: Use on profiled stock is possible only, if the board has at laest 2 right angles, one for the fence of the guide and one to have it properly placed on the working table.

Saw not included! Comes with positioning and sliding fence, protractor, and hex key. Instructions!
We recommend our Kataba saws nr. 313730, nr. 309300, nr. 313790, nr. 313792, nr. 309465 and nr. 309467. On this page you will find replacement blades too!
Order nr. 301399CartPrice € 46.90

Set: Fully adjustable Precision Saw Guide with LIVESAW Kataba Saw
See picture top left. This saw has a bent pistol grip made of soft plastic.
Order nr. 205550CartPrice € 64.90

Replacement Blade for LIVESAW Kataba Saw
Order nr. 313731CartPrice € 13.90
Protractor (Bevel Gauge)
Protractor for stepless precision in measuring and laying out angles. Baseplate is green plastic, and the arm is clear acrylic with a brass locking screw. It can also be used also as a normal bevel gauge.
Order nr. 301398CartPrice € 9.90
Precision Miter Saw Guide (basic model) - with Saw
Precision Miter Saw Guide (basic model) - with Saw
With this basic model of the Miter Cut Guide listed above, one can precisely cut 90 degree, and 45 degree angles for miter joints. It adapts equally well for right- and left-handed people, as one simply mounts the guide assembly on the appropriate end of the base plate.

A disadvantage compared to the stepless model mentioned above is that one must take the guide apart to set the cut, but this only takes a minute or two.
An advantage over the stepless version is that this one is so simple to use, especially when one has a number of identical cuts to make.

This miter guide is delivered with a saw, includes an allen wrench for assembly and two guide fences, one for normal work and a second for longer cuts. The saw has a bent pistol grip made of soft plastic, the blade is 265mm long.
Instructions and more information!
Order nr. 301396CartPrice € 49.90
Mini-Saw Guide with LIVESAW Mini Kataba Saw
Mini-Saw Guide with LIVESAW Mini Kataba Saw
This multifunctional miter guide is a must for any toolbox! You can adjust it to cut any angle between 90° and 0°. An accessory guide allows you to make accurate cuts on wide boards. The guide comes with a kataba saw with a 175 mm long blade and plastic grip for a perfect match. The guide's frame and backing plate are made of aluminum, the face plate is made of steel.
Instructions and more information!
Order nr. 313770CartPrice € 39.90

Replacement Blade for LIFESAW Mini Kataba Saw
Order nr. 313761CartPrice € 10.50
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