GRANSFORS BRUKS Axes and Hatchets

GRANSFORS BRUKS Axes and Hatchets
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Die Äxte von Gränsfors Bruks In pre-industrial times, axes were made in many small forges and smithies. A hugh variety grew up as the smith matched his skill to the use his customer wanted to put his axe to. The mass production that came with the Industrial Revolution brought a change to the shape and construction of axes. They all had to look the same, the surfaces were ground absolutely smooth and given a coat of paint - incidentally, a useful means of disguising poor quality.

The small Swedish smithy, GRÄNSFORS BRUKS, has gone back to the original principle of hand production with the aim of putting on the market a sound, longlasting product. The company has worked with the designer Hans Erik Persson and developed axes that have traditional shapes and still meet the demands of those felling trees by hand today.

The motto of GRÄNSFORS BRUKS is: "An axe is as good as the smith who made it". The forged surface, free of all disguise, is a guarantee of the smith's skill and the quality of the axe he has made.

So it follows that you should know which smith made your axe. A clever smith is proud of his handiwork. Every axe from Gränsfors Bruks is marked with the initials of its maker, and the smiths are:

US Ulrika Stridsberg
UN Ulrik Nielsson
MM Mattias Mattsson
AS Anders Strömstedt
LP Lennart Pettersson
KS Kjell-Ake Sjölund
RA Rune Andersson
DG Daniel Gräntz
BA Bert-Ove Andersson
TT Tobias Thelin

The steel is heat-treated in stoves at a temperature of 1200°C. When the right temperature has been reached - and this is clear to the smith from the red and gold colour - the glowing end is cut off and the work with anvil and swage can begin. The smith skilfully forms an axe-head from the square piece of metal. He then embosses it with the name GRÄNSFORS BRUKS and his own initials, inspects it closely and hangs it up to cool. When the cutting edge has been hammered and ground, the lower part of the axe-head is annealed - by heating it to 820°C and then quenching it rapidly in cold water. After that, the axes are tempered for 60 minutes in an oven at 195°C, to take out the stresses that arise in the forging and annealing processes. Then there is a test of the hardness. The shafter now gives the axe a handle, or helve. The prepared shaft is inserted into the eye of the axe with the aid of a hydaulic press. The axe is greased to protect it from rust.

Every axe (with few exceptions - see item description) goes out accompanied by a leather sheath for the blade and the "Book of the Axe", which contains a wealth of practical information.

To sharpen axes we recommend a Japanese Waterstone! Replacement handles you find on the bottom of this page!

Outdoor Hatchet
Outdoor Hatchet (Outdoor Axe)
Because of its heavier head and a longer haft, this outdoor hatchet is more effective than the Mini Hatchet, and also works just fine in a backpack. These tools are often marketed as "outdoor axes," but we prefer the term "outdoor hatchet." The steel housing around the top of the haft protects the wood, even when you miss-hit or the hatchet is used for tough jobs. Weight approx. 620 g, handle length 37 cm, blade width 6 cm, head length 11.5 cm. Comes with leather sheath!
Order nr. 307331 cart
Price € 110.00
Hand Hatchet "KUBBEN"
Hand Hatchet "KUBBEN"
This axe comes with the same hand forged carbon steel head as the wildlife hatchet but has a siginificant shorter handle. It is ideal for packing in a rucksack. You also can do carving with this hatchet.
Weight 700 g, Total length 24 cm (9.5 inches). Comes with leather sheath!
Order nr. 307322 In den Warenkorb
Price € 79.00
Wildlife Hatchet
Wildlife Hatchet
Wildlife Hatchet
A hatchet (short-handled axe) for trekking, easy to stow in a rucksack. The leather sheath stops the blade piercing the rucksack. This hatchet has a 36 cm handle and weighs only 0.7 kg. A reliable companion on all trips into wild country!
Order nr. 307305 cart
Price € 79.00
hunter's axe hunter's axe
Hunter’s Axe
A specialist axe for hunters. The front edge of the head is curved; the curve is not concave as in most hatchets, but convex. The shape of the curve follows the traditional line of the native American tomahawk. The neck is narrower than usual, and beaten thinner, slightly rounded and polished, for skinning animals. To "flay" game, it can be used as a tanning hammer. It is a hatchet that can be used not only for butchering game and splitting bones but also for hewing wood. There are rings cut into the handpiece to enable the hand to keep a fast grip even when wet and slippery. This hatchet was the first and so far the only one to receive an award in Sweden for excellence of design - from the Swedish Design Centre. Its length is 48 cm including handle and it weighs only 0.9 kg.
Order nr. 307306 cart
Price € 103.00
Small Forest Axe
Scandinavian Forest Axe (Large Forest Axe)
A true felling axe for people who want to do traditional forestry work. Outstanding for felling small trees and removing branches. Forged into round curves, it is well suited to work on fresh, resinous woods such as spruce and pine. Because of the long handle, it can be swung well. Its length is 64 cm including handle and it weighs only 1.2 kg.
Order nr. 307308 cart
Price € 91.00
Large Splitting Axe Large Splitting Axe
Splitting Axes
A new generation of axes for splitting logs. Lars Enander, master smith, has developed an axe with the aim of making log-splitting easier and giving the tool a longer life. The result is to be seen here: a broad axe-head with a concave profile forces the wood apart with a minimum of contact. The handle is in high quality hickory and has been given a steel sheath to reduce the wear that arises when the handle strikes the log by mistake. The steel sheath is attached to the handle and head simultaneously, under a pressure of about two tons. Do not use this axe as a hammer or as a wedge. The splitting hammer is the right thing for that! (Scroll down a bit for the splitting hammer!) Handle (helve) sheathed in steel! Handle length can vary ± 2 cm!

Small Splitting Axe
Handle length 60 cm, weight 1.8 kg
Order nr. 307329 cart
Price € 103.00
Splitting hammer Splitting hammer
Splitting Hammer (Splitting Maul)
Design features basically as those of cleaver, but considerably weightier to tackle heavy jobs. This splitting hammer is suitable for cleaving very coarse and knotty wood. The hammer end is very good for hammering in splitting wedges. Its length is 80 cm including handle and it weighs 3.2 kg.

Warning: Remember that when steel strikes steel, splinters can fly and damage your eyes - wear goggles!

A number of users of this splitting hammer have reported with pride - and independently of one another - that they have managed to turn more than 8 cubic metres of wood into logs in one weekend.
Order nr. 307310 cart
Price € 123.00
Carpenter Axe Carpenter Axe
Carpenter’s Axe
Carpenter’s axes have a long, thin blade, giving a regular surface to the cuts it makes. The head is forged with a recess that enables the hand to grip almost immediately over the blade, increasing stability and accuracy. The poll of the axe can be used as a hammer; the handle is straight. The flat blade and straight line make it superb for chopping dry wood. The carpenter's hatchet is 45 cm long and weighs 0.9 kg, Cutting edge approx. 10 cm.
Currently not in stock!
Order nr. 307312 cart
Price € 91.00
Swedish Carving Axe
The scupltor's axe has a long, curved blade with a broad, straight, bevelled cutting edge to make light work of sculpting wood. Its shape is the outcome of co-operation between Wille Sundquist, sculptor in wood, and Onni Linnanheimo, designer, who were inspired by ancient hatchets of the kind. The handle is "rugged" to give a good grip.
Total weight: 1.0 kg
Length of edge: 11 cm
Length of handle: 37 cm Comes with a grain-leather sheath.

Righthander Carving Axe
bevelled on the right side - seen from the handle!
Order nr. 307314 cart
Price € 113.00

The terms "right" and "left" mean: view from the handle to the blade!
Swedish broad axe mod. 1900 Swedish Broad Axe Mod. 1900
Swedish Broad Axe Mod. 1900 straight Swedish Broad Axe Mod. 1900 straight
Axehead eye straight
blade sharpened on both sides
Total weight 1.7 kg
Handle length 49 cm
total length 54 cm
Edge length 18 cm
Order nr. 307315 cart
Price € 194.00

Swedish Broad Axe Mod. 1900 left-handed! Swedish Broad Axe Mod. 1900 left-handed!
Axehead eye offset to left
one side of blade sharpened (to the normal scissors-type cutting edge for work along the length of the wood)
The upper part of the hatchet ( poll and eye) is turned approx.10° to the left in the course of forging.
The beam is to the right of the hatchet from where the joiner is standing.
Total weight 1.7 kg
Handle length 49 cm
total length 54 cm
Edge length 18 cm
Order nr. 307316 cart
Price € 206.00

Double Bit Axe
Double Bit Axe with handle 90 cm
The Double Bit Axe can also be used as a working axe in the forest, although this is not so common nowadays. In this case it should be longer, which is why the axe is also available with a 90 cm handle.
Weight of head 1.6 kg, total weight 2.4 kg.
Order nr. 307330 cart
Price € 169.00
Scandinavian Broad Axe (Danish Double Bearded Axe)
Scandinavian Broad Axe (Danish Double Bearded Axe)
A lightweight is this "Bredbila". Weight 1.45 kg, handle 46 cm, Over all length 63 cm, blade 37 cm, comes without blade protection!
Order nr. 307360 cart
Price € 435.00
Tomahawk Dakota
Tomahawk "Dakota"
The Indian spirit! Weight 450 g, length 48 cm, blade 7 cm.
Order nr. 307361 cart
Price € 206.00
Scandinavian Two-Lugged Felling Axe
Scandinavian Two-Lugged Felling Axe "Mästermyr"
This replica, forged by hand, is based on an 11th century axe found in Mästermyr on the iland of Gotland. The original axe is exhibited at the Historical Museum in Stockholm.
Comes with leather sheath
Total weight 1.3 kg
Length 75 cm
Blade length 7 cm
Head length 23 cm
Order nr. 307363 In den Warenkorb
Price € 287.00
Weight 2.2 kg 2-1/2 lb
Length of blade 30 cm = 12 in.
Length of handle 45 cm = 18",
without blade protection!
Use a wooden mallet to strike the back of the blade! The froe is used to make wood shingles and to split longer lengths of small diameter logs for various other products like riven lumber, fence posts, garden stakes, split-log ladders and the like. To use the froe, you hold the cutting edge on the end grain of the wood to be split, and then strike the back of the blade with a wooden mallet (Steel hammers will damage the blade!!). The handle is then used as a lever to widen and guide the split through the log. No blade sheath included!
Order nr. 307320 cart
Price € 113.00

Sharpening Stones for Axes and Hatchets

Japanese Combination Stone
Japanese Combination Stone
This Japanese waterstone is the ideal stone for sharpening axes and hatchets! With grit 250 (green) you can grind down notches and with grit 1000 (brown) you obtain a high grade of sharpness for your axe.
Grain size: 250/1000
Size: 205 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm
Order nr. 309353 cart
Price € 24.90
Japanese Mini Combination Stone
Japanese Mini Combination Stone with plastic handle
As alternative we offer this versatile and cheap stone, handle with hand-protection!
Grit: 250/800
Stone size: 80 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm each side
Length with handle: 195 mm (8 in.)
Order nr. 309357 cart
Price € 14.50

Replacement Handles

These handles fit only the Gränsfors Bruks axes and hatchets offered on this page!

Description Order nr. Price
Handle for Wildlife Hatchet 307305 307340 cart € 16.00
Handle for Hunter’s Axe 307306 307341 cart € 16.00
Handle for Small Forest Axe 307307 307342 cart € 16.00
Handle for Scandinavian Forest Axe (Large Forest Axe) 307308 307343 cart € 17.00
Handle for American Felling Axe 31 inch 307365 307344 cart € 24.00
Handle for American Felling Axe 35 inch 307366 307345 cart € 24.00
Handle for Splitting Hatchet 307328 (Comes with steel sheath) 307350 cart € 31.00
Handle for Small Splitting Axe 307329 (Comes with steel sheath) 307346 cart € 31.00
Handle for Large Splitting Axe 307309 (Comes with steel sheath) 307347 cart € 29.00
Handle for Splitting Hammer (Splitting Maul) 307310 (Comes with steel sheath) 307348 cart € 29.00
Handle for Carpenter’s Axe 307312 307349 cart € 21.00
Handle for Swedish Carving Axe 307314 307351 cart € 16.00
Swedish Broad Axe Mod. 1900   307315 307352 cart € 23.00
Handle for Double Bit Axe 35 inch 307330 307354 cart € 24.00
Handle for Mini Hatchet 307323 307353 cart € 22.00
Handle for Outdoor Hatchet (Outdoor Axe) 307331 307357 cart € 22.00
Handle for Hand Hatchet "KUBBEN" 307322 307358 cart € 22.00

Repl. Leather Sheaths

These leather sheaths fit only the Gränsfors Bruks axes and hatchets offered on this page!

Description Order nr. Price
Leather Sheath for Swedish Carving Axe 307338   307314   307313 307359 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Hunter’s Axe 307306 307368 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Large Splitting Axe 307309 307370 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Splitting Hammer 307310 307371 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Splitting Wedge 307311 307372 In den Warenkorb € 14.00
Leather Sheath for American Felling Axe 307365   307366 307373 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Double Bit Axe 307330 307374 In den Warenkorb € 17.00
Leather Sheath for Adze with curved blade and short handle 307324   307326 307375 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Outdoor Hatchet 307305 307376 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Large Forest Axe 307308 307377 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Small Forest Axe 307307 307378 In den Warenkorb € 16.00
Leather Sheath for Swedish Broad Axe 307315   307316   307317 307379 In den Warenkorb € 16.00

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